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ImageFIRST Observes Patient Experience Week

Posted by ImageFIRST on May 1, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Here at ImageFIRST, our goal is to be much more than just another provider of patient gowns and nurses uniforms in NH and the rest of New England. Our goal is to provide exceptionally made healthcare linen and apparel that, combined with our processes and services, results in a cost-effective solution for greater patient satisfaction.

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Want Safer, Cleaner Laundry At Your Healthcare Facility? Download Our Complimentary Guide

Posted by ImageFIRST on Jan 30, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Do you want to ensure the success of your healthcare facility with cleaner, safer medical linen that protects your staff and patients? Have vague descriptions like “hygienically clean” left you dissatisfied with the level of assurance you’re getting from your laundry provider?

If so, ImageFIRST has you covered. We’re pleased to announce the relaunch of our free downloadable guide, “3 Critical Steps To Ensure Clean And Safe Healthcare Laundry," that will help you to achieve your infection prevention goals.

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ImageFIRST’s Comfort Care Line of Premium Patient Gowns

Posted by ImageFIRST on Nov 2, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Here at ImageFIRST New Hampshire, not only are we leading providers of scrubs and medical uniforms in New England and NH, but we also take pride in offering quality patient gowns. It’s not just any ordinary line of patient gowns we offer—it's our Comfort Care line of premium patient gowns.

How will this unique and exclusive line impress your patients?

If you haven't already jumped on the Comfort Care line bandwagon, or are simply still in the dark about what these gowns can do for your patients at your healthcare facility, here are some things that may entice you to experience them for yourself!

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Is the Quality of Your Gowns Affecting the Experiences that Patients Have at Your Healthcare Facility?

Posted by ImageFIRST on Aug 3, 2016 9:46:52 AM

As a provider of quality patient apparel, linens, medical uniforms, and scrubs in New England and throughout all of NH, we know all too well about how the patient gowns you have in stock can impact the way a patient views your facility.

What’s more, as a nearly five-decade-old company that services thousands of clients, we make it one of our top priorities to help both current and potential clients recognize how they can better serve patients just by replacing their existing gowns with our Comfort Care™ Line.

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Creative Solutions in the Medical Industry: Improvement Through Originality

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on May 4, 2016 10:25:13 AM

How do you find the answers to the questions never asked before? How do you truly innovate? Forge new paths? Find solutions to the challenges that plague a business? Two words: Get creative.


In 2010, IBM published a global study of 500 CEO’s of large and successful businesses. They asked, “What is the single most important quality for future leaders?” Their overwhelmingly consistent answer: Creativity.


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The Importance of Nurses’ Work Environment

Posted by ImageFIRST on Feb 4, 2016 12:50:22 PM

Most healthcare industry experts recognize effective nursing practices as one of the most important aspects in delivering high-quality care and improving patient experience. It’s often assumed that the single most important way in which the effectiveness of nursing can be improved is through staffing – meaning better hours, a better mix of skill and care, etc. While this remains a very important feature to consider, a report recently came out challenging this view to an extent.

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ImageFIRST New Hampshire Shares Customer Testimonials

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Nov 4, 2015 1:28:21 PM

In the aftermath of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, the healthcare industry has gone through a lot of changes. One consequence is that an increasing number of people now visit outpatient facilities for non-emergency procedures and treatments. That, in turn, means that there are more and more options for patients to choose from and increased competition between healthcare facilities.

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