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FAQ: The Importance of Culture Building For Any Organization

Posted by ImageFIRST on Jul 28, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Why is culture building important?

All companies are looking to thrive and outpace their competition. Several psychological studies by the Gallup organization and other publications prove that there is a strong correlation between company performance and engaged employees.

But employee engagement doesn’t just happen overnight. By building a strong company culture, employees become more connected to their company and to their colleagues – a foundational element of building engagement.  

What industries are impacted by employee engagement?

All companies from all industries are impacted by employee engagement, but the healthcare industry specifically can benefit from it. According to a Gallup study of 200 hospitals, nurse engagement is the leading variable in reducing medical errors. If employees are engaged in their work, they can not only benefit their company, but improve the lives of patients in the process.

How does this employee engagement relate back to culture?

Culture building is a foundational component of employee engagement. All employee engagement starts by having a strong and defined culture within the company.  After all, how can your employees feel engaged if they are not united by the common values and languages of a company’s culture?

How do I know if my company’s culture is well defined?

It’s important to start by having your company’s culture posted visibly. In the past, companies would display visual representations of their mission and vision statement in their offices. Now, organizations focus on their values, their purpose, and their commitment to people.

Make your company’s goals evident. Establish the qualities and attributes of your company to determine how you want your company to be. For example, if you want your company to be particularly fun, driven, or focused, it’s important to make that clear. Another thing to make clear is how you want people to feel about your company. Whether you want people to trust your company, feel safe with it, or be passionate about it, your employees should know.

What if I want my company to have all of those qualities?

Unfortunately, one business alone cannot obtain all of these qualities. Different industries have different characteristics. For example, a bank must be trustworthy and serious. However, a toy company would do better to focus on being fun and lighthearted! Your goals should depend on your industry and ultimately your brand.

I wrote down all of the qualities I want my business to have. What’s next?

Once the attributes and goals of your company are written down, you must bring them to life within your employees to see real improvement.

How do I bring these qualities to life?

Here are some examples of how you could get started

Step 1: Print and post these values (the attributes that you want your company to have).

Step 2: Make someone accountable for driving ongoing activities to engage employees.

Step 3: Set aside some time to discuss the purpose of your company with all employees. Mix formalized ongoing programs and structured activity time to see the best results and appeal to your diverse staff.

Step 4: Track these activities and make them public! Many companies rely on proven employee engagement surveys that are run annually to gauge, set targets, and track improvements.

How quickly can I build my company’s culture?

Results will not happen overnight. But if you make a conscious effort to drive improvement within your company, you will begin to see results after some time and discipline.

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