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Is the Quality of Your Gowns Affecting the Experiences that Patients Have at Your Healthcare Facility?

Posted by ImageFIRST on Aug 3, 2016 9:46:52 AM

As a provider of quality patient apparel, linens, medical uniforms, and scrubs in New England and throughout all of NH, we know all too well about how the patient gowns you have in stock can impact the way a patient views your facility.

What’s more, as a nearly five-decade-old company that services thousands of clients, we make it one of our top priorities to help both current and potential clients recognize how they can better serve patients just by replacing their existing gowns with our Comfort Care™ Line.

As you are most likely aware, the patient perception has become, and will likely remain, a big concern for healthcare facilities moving forward.

Unfortunately, if a patient has a negative perception of your facility, or, in other words, the individual felt uncomfortable in the gowns he or she wore, this may have an adverse impact on the overall quality of care received. For example, if you have patient gowns in stock that are ripped, dirty, or have the slightest stains, etc., the patient may feel inclined to view the quality of care you provided as “below average.”

These days, social media has made it easier for patients to express their thoughts and feelings about their medical facilities.

Because of this, facilities need to find ways in which they can help guarantee that these thoughts and feelings are positive. One way that medical facilities can help themselves be seen in a better light is by partnering with us, and then taking full advantage of Comfort Care™ Line of Premium Patient Gowns!

Reasons why you will definitely want to consider our Comfort Care™ Line include the fact that the gowns are:

  1. Exceptionally comfortable and amazingly luxurious!
  2. Stylish!
  3. Proven to increase the perceptions that patients have of a medical facility!

In fact, if you would like to learn how Comfort Care™ Line improved helped the Eastside Medical Center improve patient perceptions we have a free case study you can download here.

There is no denying that medical facilities should boast a reassuring and comfortable environment for patients! To learn more about the scrubs and nurses uniforms we provide throughout New England and NH, or how our Comfort Care™ Line of Premium Patient Gowns can help you create the ideal and comfortable environment, please call or email us at any time!